Our Services

Staffing Solutions

At SK we are focusing on cost effective and flexible staffing solutions. This will help your business to sustain and improve on profitability. We add a value to your business by saving a cost and time in hiring process.

Contract Labour Management

We have expertise in managing labour needs for your business with all the statutory compliances. This will help to go through all the statutory audit processes without any hindrance. We maintain all the records which are necessary for legal requirements, related to you labour management.

Payroll & Compliance Management

We manage complete payroll requirement for any number of employees. We have in-house team to take care of all compliances e.g. ESI, PF, Gratuity and all other applicable legal requirements. We maintain payroll management system and software to manage payroll with cent percent accuracy.

Manufaturing Process Solutions

We have a professional management team and highly skilled work force. We manage your manufacturing process as per your quality requirements and standards. End to end manufacturing process management will help your business to scale up or diversify in your business.

Facility Management

We manage your all facilities like Commercial complex, Housing complex, Industrial facility, Hotel, Hospital and so on through Annual Maintenance Contracts. This includes general administration, all types of technical services and special services like security. All statutory requirements are taken care by us. Our efficient and cost effective services help you to manage your facility well within your budget without compromising the quality.